The Journey Begins

October 29, 2018

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



My photography journey started many years ago as a hobby.  I actually received my first “real” camera from my parents for my high school graduation, as a way to document my journey through life.  This was a time way before cell phones, and capturing those every day moments, not even a consideration as yet.

My camera went everywhere with me.  In truth, I became that annoying person always asking people to stop and take their photograph.  My interest had me taking courses as optional electives in college.  Yep, back in the dark room days!  But still, I never considered it a career.  Family and friends were always asking me to take their pictures, but mainly I focused on capturing the day to day and growth of my own children.

Fast forward a few years, where life seemed to just be rolling along fine and bam!  It happened.  I was diagnosed with Syringomyelia after the birth of my youngest child.  I was told I needed emergency surgery, and listened to the physicians.  The surgery forever changed my life.  I remember the day clearly, all these years later.  The morning of my surgery, I refused to take the elevator to the 5th floor.  I raced  (my now ex-husband) up the stairs, confident all would go well.  We laughed, pushing one another out of the way, elbows flying.  (We were both very competitive and avid runners.)

Upon waking from the surgery, I felt off.  It was then I realized I had been taken to ICU, because I was having difficulties with my blood pressure.  As the anesthesia wore off, it became clear I had no feeling below my chest.  I mean, how could this be?  I ran 2 miles every day, was a varsity cheer coach, and really, I felt invincible.  Well, no.  That me died that day.  And I had to learn all over again exactly who I was.

Months of physical therapy, the embarrassment of having total strangers bathe or assist you to the bathroom, defeated me.  But, I was lucky.  I am truly stubborn.  My illness played havoc on my marriage, but I was blessed with three amazing children and incredible neighbors.  I can remember them bringing my children, and Meghan a baby to physical therapy.  Placing my little girl at the end of the parallel bars, and using her as my motivation to make my legs move.

I went from one step, to two.  Hours of pain and crying out of frustration.  When they said I would never walk again, my answer was simple.  Just watch me.  Despite having a slight limp in my right leg, I have pushed myself to fully recover from this set back.  Yes, I deal with daily nerve pain.  Horrible burning and spasms.  But, I never give up.

After this ordeal, I re-evaluated my life.  Looking back through images, I saw the power in capturing those moments.  It was then my hobby turned into my calling.

Photography has changed my life.  It has given me a way to express my creativity while serving others through my craft.  My goal is for someone to look at their image, and to feel all those swirling emotions they felt when it was taken.  A way to take them back in time, preserving the memory forever.

My hope is by sharing my story, I can give you my readers the courage to chase your dreams.  To never give up.  Even when your days seem dark, know this too shall pass.  And tomorrow holds so much promise.

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