Bridal details: How to make sure your photographer documents each precious item

May 21, 2019

It’s All in the Details


You have spent months preparing for this day.

Making sure each little detail perfectly reflects who you are as a couple, and fits into your overall theme.  From your dress, to the flowers.  The invitations, to your earrings.

Each detail is significant and has meaning.  But, will you remember them?

You will, if your photographer has the opportunity to capture them for you!

Allow time for your photographer to capture your details

They say it’s all in the details.  And nothing is more true than on your wedding day.  Once you book your wedding photographer, you will most likely have a discussion to plan your wedding timeline.  This is a detailed account of each little aspect of your big day, listing the time it happens, where, with whom and when.  Your wedding timeline is how you will determine the amount of coverage you will need for your photography services, and what your will refer to over and over again to keep things on track.  When planning your wedding with your photographer, discuss all of the little details you want documented. From your wedding dress and veil, to your invitation suite and bouquet.  Each item is important and needs to be captured.  Decide when your photographer will obtain these images, and make sure you provide ample time for them to do so.  This is when your wedding photographer will be able to showcase all of your items through their artistry and creativity.

Box them up so they are not forgotten

One of the hardest things for a photographer to do is chase down missing items on your wedding day.  They will be working within a strict time frame, and having to waste valuable moments searching for your desired details causes added stress and quite possibly not getting those images.

I recommend all SLP Brides to purchase what I affectionately call the “details box.”  This can be as simple as a plastic tote, to those gorgeous theme hinged boxes you find at Michaels , or Amazon.  (See links for ideas)  Having this box serves multiple purposes, and eliminates the forgotten item.  Begin placing items you want remembered into this box as you collect them.

Sty-ized Shppt 2=27-69

Things to include are:

  • Your complete invitation suite
  • All of your rings, including your engagement ring
  • Your wedding shoes
  • Your veil or headpiece
  • All wedding day jewelry, such as earrings, necklace, etc.
  • Garter
  • Any family “heirlooms”

Add your rings and the wedding bouquet the day of, and you will be all set!

Most photographer’s will check in with you when they first arrive on location, then go right into photographing your details.  By having everything in one easy to manage container, they just have to grab your wedding dress and be off.  Styling and documenting all the pretty little baubles is one of my favorite parts of the day!

The second perk to having a details box is after your wedding day is over, you will have one organized place to keep all of your little keepsakes and memory items.

Bradenton Florida

Abby Tampa Wedding.jpgPresentation matters

Along with photographing all of those pretty little detail items, your photographer will also take several images of your dress and veil.  No one, and I mean no one, likes to see their gorgeous dress beautifully captured hanging from a cheap plastic or metal hanger.  You can purchase a plain wood hanger for around $7.99 or what about ordering one of those adorable custom hangers from Etsy?  This little detail may seem insignificant but, trust me.  You will love how your gorgeous wedding dress looks artfully displayed from one of these beauties!


This gorgeous hanger can be found at the above Etsy link, and is crafted by Johnson Craft Studio.

Capturing the “Ring Shot”

One of the most important details your photographer will capture is of your engagement and wedding rings.  To prepare for this, make sure your have your rings professionally cleaned the week of your wedding. Or if you do it yourself, the night before.  You want your bling to sparkle and shine!  Do not forget to include the groom’s wedding band.

Lakeland Wedding



A girl can do anything in the right pair of shoes

Just like the right pair of shoes can change a girls attitude, the same can be said for your wedding photos.  Your photographer will capture images of the Bride and Groom’s shoes along with other detail shots.   They can be a gorgeous pump to Converse hi-tops.  Whatever style fits your personality and wedding theme.

Make sure your shoes are clean, and fully laced or buckled.



Kim & Tony-.jpg

Your bridal bouquet

Whether you decide upon fresh flower’s or artificial, your bouquet is another important detail your photographer will document for you.  Having your flowers on location as soon as your photographer arrives, allows them to utilize your bouquet in your details images.

Audrey & Juris-39web2

tampa wedding florals.jpg

julia & David Old Mcmikeys Farm.jpg

Family Heirlooms and Jewelry

Are you including something borrowed or something blue?  Maybe a family heirloom handed down through generations?  Whatever special item that is close to your heart deserves to be remembered in your imagery.

An antique headpiece.  A charm of your grandparents.  Get creative.  Make sure you tell your photographer about these items.


Lynn Moyer wedding-342

An antique headpiece which belonged to the Bride’s Grandmother

List them out

After you have picked out all of the perfect little details and complied them for your photographer, take a moment to list them out on a piece of paper.  Double check your details box and make sure nothing is missing, then add your list on top before closing it.

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, and capturing each and every little bridal detail will help preserve your memories forever.

The bridal details are one of my favorite parts of documenting a wedding.  This is the time your photographer will get to use their creativity to obtain a cohesive look fitting with your wedding style and overall theme.

What special items will you be including into your wedding?  Let me know if you have any suggestions or if this article was helpful.

XO  Sue

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