Coral & Sage Blue Diamond, NV Stylized

May 27, 2019

While I was out in Las Vegas for WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photography International) this February, I had the opportunity to work with the talented Erin Johnson of Enjoy Workshops.  She put together an amazing workshop out in the desert of Blue Diamond, Nevada for about 10 wedding photographers.

Talk about a stunning couple and location!

I love the mountains and the rugged terrain.  From the subtle neutral tones of the desert floor to the pale lavender mountains off in the distance, everything around us was a photographer’s dream.

We arrived on location, which did not seem like much to start, and had to literally wander off the beaten path to get to our destination.  Gravel trails turned to dried sage and brush.  Then we turned the corner and WOW!  It was like we entered Narnia through the coat closet.

The scrub melted away to glorious mountain views and fields of desert flowers.

The couple we worked with were actually celebrating their wedding anniversary and each touch, smile, and connection showed how deeply in love they truly are.

Dilyana wore an elegant coral colored Leanne Marshall dress, accessorized with tan Jessica Simpson shoes and the cutest brown felt hat.  So western.

Tyler was dressed in a gray suit and John Varvatos coral tie.

Ivory and Sage Events created a stunning tablescape featuring copper and natural stone in the hues of coral, sage, and lavender, along with decorating the entire shoot.  I cannot say enough good things about this gal.  She is super creative and talented!

I have to give a huge shout out to Beth Waterman, a fellow photographer from Indiana whom I met and instantly clicked with- pardon the pun.  We both have very similar shooting styles and personalities.  We both strongly believe in praising our couples and not being those stand offish, bark orders type of people.  At the end of the day when the other photographers were off in the distance chatting away, we both grabbed some items and helped the designer pack up all her belongings.  I believe as wedding professionals, our job is not just to take awesome photographs.  We are there to serve others through our gifts, and yes, this means pitching in to help when needed.

So, if I am not available for your wedding and you are looking for an awesome, sweet and talented photographer reach out to Beth!

This was an amazing experience and wonderful opportunity to work with other talented creatives.


XO  Sue






Here is the list of all the vendors whom participated in the shoot:








@heyitsohsopretty (silk ribbon)

@emmalinhco (velvet ribbon)





@dilyana.hubbs (bride)

@tchubbs (groom)





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