Noga + Steve Historic Ybor City Engagement Session Tampa, Florida

September 19, 2019

Historic Ybor is an eclectic mix of old and the new.

A place Modern Pop blends with the sounds of smooth Jazz.  Where every corner you turn is an assault on your senses as the perfumed air from the Cigar shops wafts along on the breeze, mixing with the spices from the Cuban cuisine making you salivate from all the deliciousness.   The spot old, brick lined streets weave between buildings as trolley cars glide to a stop picking up passengers while colorful chickens delight passersby as they run along the train tracks past vivid murals decorating alley ways and walls.

Yes, Ybor hums with activity, culture and fun.

When Noga and Steven were deciding where to take their engagement photos, they both knew they wanted something a bit different.  Something young.  Lively.  A bit edgy yet true to them.  We found just the place in Historic Ybor.

Steven wanted images taken with his awesome white Mustang convertible.  I scouted around and found just the place a top a parking garage with the Tampa skyline off in the distance.  We may or may not have been up there shooting away when a security guard came up and told us we had to leave.  Seeing we were taking engagement photos, he graciously turned his back and gave us 15 minutes while he wasn’t looking.  Thank goodness for kind hearted souls, because despite the harsh mid-day sun and 97 degree heat, I think the images turned out Awe-some!! (Cue the Ford Motor Company commercial.)

We all dream of finding our soul mate and our better half.  The missing part of our soul that is only fulfilled by another.  That famous Jerry Maguire line:  “You complete me”.  Well, Noga and Steven are “that” couple. 

They met in High School where they both were part of the Marching Band. After graduation, they both attended University of South Florida where their love of music continued on as they both played in the USF Herd of Thunder Marching Band and Steven was the Drum Major.   Steven graduated with his Degree in Engineering and is currently working in the Aerospace industry while he pursues his Masters.  Noga graduated with a degree in Public Relations and a Graduate degree in Law.  She is currently enrolled in Stetson University College of Law.  Talk about two absolutely ambitious and dedicated people.

Despite their absolutely crazy busy schedules Steven and Noga still make time for one another and love to spend time cooking meals, playing with their adorable 7 month old Golden Retriever pup Stella, or just quiet nights at home supporting one another in their studies.  They are also big Disney fans and love the TV show “How I met your mother”.   A cute story they shared with me is since they are big fans of the show they were always joking around about the Yellow umbrella (which is one of the symbolic items on How I Met Your Mother)  For Valentine’s Day last year, they both bought one another the same exact gift:  A yellow umbrella just like the one in the show.

When Steve decided to propose to Noga, he knew he wanted everything to be perfect.  He enlisted the help of one of their friends who agreed to stage a “photoshoot” with their new pup.    They proceeded to head to the location Noga had picked for the puppy photo session and to take their pictures,  When they were almost done, Noga turned to grab a treat out of her bag for the dog and Steven chose this moment to get down on one knee while her back was turned.  What a sweet proposal!  Just reading what he had wrote in my client questionnaire had me tearing up!

Seriously, all you have to do is spend a few moments in their presence to see how much in love they are.  They are the perfect compliment to one another and I had so much fun with them in Ybor.

Noga and Steve it was an honor to share in your engagement session and I cannot wait til your wedding next year!  Here’s to an amazing lifetime of adventure and love.








































I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Steven and Noga’s Engagement session.  Let me know if you love them as much as I do!

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