Urban Detroit Senior Session // Alissa // Centerline High School Class of 2020

October 22, 2019


2019-10-22_0008When I first spoke with Alissa and talked about what she wanted in her Senior images, she knew right away the urban, hip feel of Downtown Detroit is where she wanted to be.  With the tall buildings and the Rec Cen towering off in the distance. Where abandoned lots full of weeds and debris battle with concrete and graffiti for space. Where the wild winds from the Detroit River blow cold and strong, and slap at your face and hands as you look across to the shores of Canada.

But Detroit is making a come back and the new revitalization and trendy areas are becoming more predominant.  One of these places is The Belt.  A narrow Alley between a building and tall parking structure that has become a hub of activity, restaurants and night life.  Colorful murals grace the walls while market lights sway above in the breeze.  Where the smells of exhaust mingle with tasteful cuisine and brews.  Ahh, the Urban Life.

Alissa is a senior at Centerline High School and will be graduating Class of 2020.  Her favorite past times are listening to rap music and hanging out with her friends.  A lover of spaghetti and mashed potatoes, with a hip, trendy edge that loves all things pretty and girly.  When she is not at school, she is spending time with family and her sweet dog, Lilly.   A beauty with long, dark hair who I had the honor of watching grow in confidence right before my eyes.

That is one of the reasons I absolutely love Senior photography.  Getting the opportunity to literally see these Seniors shine and bloom with each passing moment.  Offering encouragement and making each interaction positive so they have a total blast.  This is how I want them to remember their time with me.  Fun, creative and just well, an overall great experience.  After all they are S. E. N. I. O. R. S!!

This was how we spent a sunny, extremely windy October afternoon down in the D.  First we met at Eastern Market and hung out in the stalls.  Then we moved onto the city streets where this small patch of tall flowers and grass on the side of a road and beckoned us over their bright yellow blooms swaying in the breeze.  It was perfect with the iconic Detroit skyline rising in the distance behind an overgrown field.  Concrete barriers tagged with graffiti blocked a side road and provided us a place to park off the main street.

Alissa wanted shots posing with flowers and the appearance of magical fields in an urban setting.  I think we nailed it.  From there we made our way over to The Belt for some urban imagery, then onto Campus Martius for the last few moments of that golden hour glow.  We even caught a shot of Alissa with the People Mover better known as Coleman’s Train behind her reminiscent of Chicago’s famous Els.

I loved getting to know this remarkable young woman and am so honored to have shared in her Big Moment,  Here’s to the Class of 2020!!














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