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Gasparilla Inn Bocca Grande, Florida Elopement

Visiting Bocca Grande feels like traveling back in time.

The perfect seaside village, filled with historic buildings in various pastel hues, canopied lanes of ancient banyan trees and miles of pristine white sandy beaches. The Gasparilla Inn lies at the heart of Bocca with its origins dating back to 1911. Iconic white columns soar upward to the over watch veranda, welcoming you to sit a spell on its rambling porch adorned with white rockers. Add in the immaculately manicured grounds, and it is truly breathtaking.

Step inside, and you are instantly transported back to a time when chivalry reigned and women, dressed in the Edwardian era entertained for tea, dressed in the sophisticated elegance of the age. The hotel and rooms are beautifully maintained, true to their origins.

For Meg & Ben’s elopement, they started their day on the stunning grounds of the Gasparilla Inn. Meg chose a simple, yet elegant off-white beach sheath style dress and topped it off with a cream hat with the perfect hue of blue band for her something blue. A florist by trade, she carried a loose daisy bouquet she had flown in from Denmark.

The couple exchanged vows at the Lighthouse United Methodist Church amid an intimate gathering of family and friends. Laughter erupted from all, as the groom literally kissed the veil off his new bride and it floated to the floor.

Following the ceremony, we all jumped back onto golf carts and raced to a local park from family portraits. We could not miss taking portraits on Banyan Lane. A historic landmark filled with ancient Banyan trees, their trunks and roots meandering along the road and branches arching gracefully upward into a glorious canopy. If you visit Bocca, do not miss visiting this spot!

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into Meg and Ben’s seaside elopement.

XO Sue

Meg dressing
Holding on for dear life riding the golf cart to the ceremony.

Venue: Historic Gasparilla Inn Bocca Grande, Florida

Church: Lighthouse Methodist United Church

Flowers: Flower Cart Lakeland

Photographer: Suzanne Lytle Photography

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