Phillipe Park Engagement

July 29, 2023

Kristen & Guy

Let me tell you about these two.

I met Kristen and Guy years ago when I was documenting their siblings wedding. Actually, a few siblings weddings. So, yes, they feel like family now.

To say they are the perfect fit is somehow just not enough. They exude this special kind of happiness when they are together. Unexplainable pure joy. And laughter. So much laugher.

When we met to do their engagement session at Phillipe Park, it was 107 with the heat index. The kind of heat, where you feel like you are inside an oven set to broil. I am talking sweat dripping, breath stealing, stand up and get dizzy kind of heat. And let’s not mention the tetradactyl size mosquitos dive bombing us, set on getting their next snack.

They brought along their sweet pups, Hubble and Hula, and their siblings (a past couple whose wedding I was honored to document) was there to stand in as dog sitter when needed.

We went from blue skies to the rumble of thunder and lightning flashes off in the distance within minutes. A typical summer day off the Gulf Coast in Florida. We decided to give it a go despite the ominous clouds and race the storm. Can I say what troopers they were? Talk about going warp speed through it all.

As the lightning flashes got closer, we decided to reschedule for another day. This time a sunset session out on Anna Maria Island. So, watch for those images folks!

I hope you enjoy a few images from Kristen & Guy’s Phillipe Park Engagement Session in Safety Harbor.

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