Marissa + Eric Marathon Key, Florida Wedding


Marissa and Eric have a love for the salt life.  Especially the Keys.

Those magical chain of islands.  Where you leave the mainland and Miami’s crazy fast pace behind.  Jump on a two lane road leading south over bridges and waterways.  The place Jimmy Buffet raves about and shoes are optional.

Where white, powdery sand beaches border turquoise waters and the salt kissed air wraps you in its warm embrace like a lover.

And for Marissa and Eric, the Keys are where they found love.  You see when they started dating, they would take trips down to the Keys and that is where Eric popped the question.  When it came time to decide where they would have their wedding, they chose Marathon, which is considered “the Heart of the Keys”.

I adore all my couples, but these two have a special place in my heart.  It is crazy how close you get over the course of a year and wedding planning!

The morning of their wedding crazy winds arrived on Marathon with gusts up to 40 knots.  I mean it was whipping folks!  The couple really wanted their wedding outdoors, but we went to Plan B for most of the day and opted to utilize the indoor locations for images.  The staff at the Marriott were outstanding and did everything possible to assure the wedding would be everything the couple dreamed of.

Marissa and Eric were married at the beautiful Courtyard by Marriott on Marathon Key with a beach ceremony at sunset.  Family and friends danced under the glow of white paper lanterns strung high in a beautiful white tent.

Dinner was served Island style with delicious Caribbean Jerk prepared on open grills.

Guests danced bare foot on the sand to the sounds of Anthony Davidson.  A Florida Gator even made his appearance when the Best Man showed up dressed in green.

The winds were too strong for us to use the sparklers for a send off, so we just gathered the guests into two lines and cheered them on instead!

I could literally write forever on the love these two share and how genuine and real they are.  Not to mention how sweet the entire family and wedding party was.  For me, the most touching part of the entire day is when the couple exchanged personal gifts and letters.  Hearing how they much they mean to one another and the depth of their love had me choking up.  Marissa gave Eric a small picture locket for his lapel holding an image of himself with his late mother so she would be with him on his special day.  As I pinned it over his heart, tears literally dripped down my cheeks and I truly felt honored to share in this moment.

I know these two will always have a place in my heart and their love story will be one for the record books.  Congratulations Marissa and Eric. Thank you for permitting me to have shared in your love story.


XO Sue















































Venue:  Courtyard by Marriott Marathon Florida Keys

Florist:  Marathon Florist

DJ:  Anthony Davidson

Cake:  Publix    Marathon Florida

Wedding Dress: Pronovias

Hair and Make Up: Powerhouse Beauty

Robes: Etsy Decor At Best

Videography:  Vanilla Brides


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Elizabeth + Matthew // Maternity Session // Delaware, Ohio



Columbus Ohio is a blend of cultures.  With it’s soaring skyline and the Nationwide Center to the small, quaint little towns surrounding its epicenter this area of Ohio is bustling with life.

I met Elizabeth and Matthew before sunrise at the beautiful Inniswoods Metro Park on a brisk, Fall October morning.  We bundled up to brave the 40 degree temps and hoped the morning sun would quickly bring us a reprieve from the chill.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated and soon began to warm.

Inniswoods is a spectacular location offering visitors acres of well manicured grounds teeming with gorgeous flower beds, trails, waterways and farm buildings.  A unique lattice divider painted a light blue color borders a beautiful gazebo serving as the anchor piece to the formal floral beds.   Wandering down winding trails you cross over a small bridge spanning a trickling creek.  Continuing on you will discover a brick and stone structure, with its moss covered stone and decay reminiscent of European ruins.  A place where imagination will have you slaying dragons or chasing wee fairies amongst the brambles.

Elizabeth and Matthew are expecting their first child.  They decided they did not want to know the gender until the birth, as so there are only so many things in life that can truly surprise you and the birth of your child is probably one of the most emotional and awe inspiring moments you will experience.

They chose Inniswoods Metro Park because the location has meaning to them.  It is where they had their engagement photos taken 6 years ago.  The couple resides in the Columbus suburb of Delaware.  We had our session first thing in the morning (we were in winter coats y’all…brrrr) and decided to meet again to capture some Golden Hour images at a local river.  I cannot believe we had a 30 degree temperature swing within 6 hours, but hey, we all welcomed the sunshine and perfect 70 degree afternoon.

This session was special to me because these two gorgeous people are my 2nd cousins.  Elizabeth was not sure if she wanted maternity images taken, so I kind of just booked my flight and said “I’m coming”.  Being a statuesque brunette she knew she wanted a darker color for her skin tones and we found the perfect maternity gown at  It is a beautiful Merlot color that actually appears to change color in the light.  One moment is looks dark wine, and the next it appears a deep scarlet.  No matter the exact hue of the gown, I think she looks absolutely stunning, don’t you?

She was at 39 weeks and counting when we photographed their session, and I am happy to announce shortly after they welcomed a sweet little boy into their lives.

Congratulations to Liz and Matt and the entire Pecikonis Family!

I hope you enjoy some images from their maternity session.





















Kimberly + Bryan // Lancaster Ohio Engagement


I hail from a crazy, big family.  Like a couple hundred cousin’s just on my Father’s side kinda big.  You see my Dad was the youngest living child from a brood of 13 children.  We all know the Catholic prolific families of yesteryear.  That is my family.

There are so many cousins, I have not met even half of them.  Which brings me to this amazing couple right here.

Kimberly is my 2nd cousin and I had never had the opportunity to meet her prior to this engagement session.  She lives in Ohio where the Gazda clan hails from, and I grew up in Michigan where half of the siblings relocated back in the early 20’s when the Auto industry began and they were in search of work and stability, far from the coal mine’s of the Western Ohio Valley.

When I was heading North to document a wedding, I had the pleasure of meeting her and her fiance Bryan and capturing their engagement session in the beautiful rolling hills of Lancaster, Ohio.  Where wood covered bridges from years gone by span waterways and roads, their weathered beams bleached from exposure to the elements.  Where small town fairs stop traffic and miles and miles of green rise and fall as far as the eye can see.  The quintessential small town america.  Where hundred year old homes still stand on family land and neighbors stop and say hello or offer a friendly wave. As I drove through the twisting roads, it was as if I were travelling back in time.  Back to the time my Father spoke of as a child.

Getting to photograph Kimberly & Bryan’s Engagement was an honor as Kimberly is a spectacular photographer in her own right and well, you know, family.

For Kimberly and Bryan this is their second chance at Love.  They met on and are proof on-line matches and dating do work.  Bryan reached out, and Kim being skeptical took a few days to answer him.  Their first date found them high above the ground on a Fire Watch Tower in beautiful Hocking Hills.

The following are Kim’s own words regarding their first date:

Bryan and I only had 2 dates, as far as I’m concerned, our first, mentioned above and our second date when he came to my house about a week later and I showed him around Lancaster. We went to Rockmill Brewery and I started falling in love with him. We found a little alcove in this old horse stable turned cozy tap room and we talked and talked. We had so much in common and we both felt the connection. There’s a little chapel on the grounds that we went into and Bryan found a piece of paper with the name Byron on it. Now I tell you that, so I can tell you this…. On our first date, I took Bryan to a fire tower near Ash Cave in Hocking Hills. We climbed up several flights of stairs and stood at the top and took in the view. It was chilly and windy which made it perfect for cuddles and a first kiss. Onto the paint, many climbers have carved their initials. We thought it would be cute to add ours as well. So I hand Bryan my keys, and he begins with his… BLW + J… and I said, “ummm, who’s J?” and he stops, looks at me with bewilderment and confusion on his face… He says, “Jenn?” Obviously, that’s not even close. For some reason, this man thought my name was Jennifer. And we’ve been laughing about it ever since. When we give our names at restaurants, I usually give the name Jenn, and we smile at each other. I had fun telling my close friends about this mishap and everyone finds it entertaining, especially one of my brothers, who started calling him Byron… And when he picked up that piece of paper that was tucked inside the Bible in that little chapel, and all it said was Byron… my heart stopped. What are the chances?

They both attended BGSU and swear their paths never crossed while in college.  Kim has a degree in Visual Communication Technology and works as a Graphic Designer for a food service company.  Bryan holds a degree in Criminal Justice and works as an Administrator for the Social Security Administration located in West Virginia.

With a love for the outdoors, they spend their time exploring new places, hiking or attending music festivals.  Bryan also has a love for hunting and sports.  They share a passion for long, leisurely rides on Bryan’s custom Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

They say love is sweeter the second time around and for these two love birds it could not be more true!  When you meet them you can feel the electricity sizzle through the air.  I joking say its like getting hit by lightning.  It’s just boom.  Right there!

Being their second marriage they have created a beautiful blended family and together share their love with 4 sweet children between the ages of 9 and 2.  Add in Kim’s 5 year Cattle Mix pup and I’d say they have a house full.

When Bryan decided to propose to Kim he knew how to melt her heart.  She had just returned from an out of town trip and she was greeted by a trail of rose petals leading up to her bedroom door.  A hand written note asking “Will you be mine forever?  Yes or No” was taped to the door.  Of course she circled YES and opened the door.  Bryan was standing inside a rose petal heart on the floor holding a single long stem rose.  Isn’t he romantic?

I am so honored to have been able to capture their engagement session and to finally meet family I had not met before.  We may live miles apart, but I know we will stay in contact.  I am thinking a good ole’ Gazda clan family reunion needs to happen.  Cause well, life is short and family is everything,

I hope you enjoy some images from Kimberly & Bryan’s Engagement Session in Lancaster, Ohio.














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Urban Detroit Senior Session // Alissa // Centerline High School Class of 2020


2019-10-22_0008When I first spoke with Alissa and talked about what she wanted in her Senior images, she knew right away the urban, hip feel of Downtown Detroit is where she wanted to be.  With the tall buildings and the Rec Cen towering off in the distance. Where abandoned lots full of weeds and debris battle with concrete and graffiti for space. Where the wild winds from the Detroit River blow cold and strong, and slap at your face and hands as you look across to the shores of Canada.

But Detroit is making a come back and the new revitalization and trendy areas are becoming more predominant.  One of these places is The Belt.  A narrow Alley between a building and tall parking structure that has become a hub of activity, restaurants and night life.  Colorful murals grace the walls while market lights sway above in the breeze.  Where the smells of exhaust mingle with tasteful cuisine and brews.  Ahh, the Urban Life.

Alissa is a senior at Centerline High School and will be graduating Class of 2020.  Her favorite past times are listening to rap music and hanging out with her friends.  A lover of spaghetti and mashed potatoes, with a hip, trendy edge that loves all things pretty and girly.  When she is not at school, she is spending time with family and her sweet dog, Lilly.   A beauty with long, dark hair who I had the honor of watching grow in confidence right before my eyes.

That is one of the reasons I absolutely love Senior photography.  Getting the opportunity to literally see these Seniors shine and bloom with each passing moment.  Offering encouragement and making each interaction positive so they have a total blast.  This is how I want them to remember their time with me.  Fun, creative and just well, an overall great experience.  After all they are S. E. N. I. O. R. S!!

This was how we spent a sunny, extremely windy October afternoon down in the D.  First we met at Eastern Market and hung out in the stalls.  Then we moved onto the city streets where this small patch of tall flowers and grass on the side of a road and beckoned us over their bright yellow blooms swaying in the breeze.  It was perfect with the iconic Detroit skyline rising in the distance behind an overgrown field.  Concrete barriers tagged with graffiti blocked a side road and provided us a place to park off the main street.

Alissa wanted shots posing with flowers and the appearance of magical fields in an urban setting.  I think we nailed it.  From there we made our way over to The Belt for some urban imagery, then onto Campus Martius for the last few moments of that golden hour glow.  We even caught a shot of Alissa with the People Mover better known as Coleman’s Train behind her reminiscent of Chicago’s famous Els.

I loved getting to know this remarkable young woman and am so honored to have shared in her Big Moment,  Here’s to the Class of 2020!!














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Lauren + Trevor Autumn Wedding The Vault Holly, Michigan


Michigan in the Fall.

Trees are making their magic transition from vibrant green to blazing orange, red and yellow.  The scent of apples mingle with wafts of smoke from burning wood fires.  Fields of hay sway in the cool breeze their fronds glowing amber in the afternoon sun.  Apple orchards laden with fruit ready for the picking greet visitors with fresh cider and cinnamon doughnuts.  Hayrides, bonfires and pumpkin patches.  Football games and sweaters.  The air is crisp and cool and puff out in wisps of fog with every breath.

A season of change and new beginnings.  And the perfect time for an Autumn Wedding.

This wedding was especially important to me, as I have known the bride since well, before her birth.  You see, her Mother and I have been friend’s since WE were in elementary school!  Yep, a long, long time.  I get close to all my couples but these two hold a special place in my heart.  That, and it really ups the pressure when you are documenting the wedding of one of your lifelong friends daughters!!

The couple met while attending Dakota High School.  Their friendship grew over time and soon, they both knew they had found “the one”.  Lauren graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and works as a behavioral therapist and respite caregiver for adults with Autism.

Trevor entered the Army after high school and served his tour in Iraq.  He is currently attending Macomb College as part of program with Fiat Chrysler of America working towards an Automotive Manufacturing and Production Degree.

Lauren and Trevor were to be married outdoors in historic Battle Alley but, rain showers blew in and we switched to Plan B.   The Holly Vault Chapel is beautiful with its bright white walls and gleaming wood floors that welcome you into the inner sanctum, accented by hanging crystal chandeliers and stained glass windows.  A tin, hip roof  ceiling soars above the wood oak pews as the afternoon light dances up the wall reflected through the period case windows.  Potted Mums in harvest Gold and Rust decorated the alter area along with a custom created green folding door screen.  The backup location was just perfect!

The bridesmaids wore varying shades of Merlot and the groomsmen looked dapper in deep charcoal suits.  Trevor’s tux is from the Calvin Klein collection at Lord & Taylor.  Lauren’s gown is a unique ivory lace creation from Madison James Collection.  Her veil was cut from her Mother’s veil and she wore a heirloom sparkling tiara her Grandmother wore at her wedding.  Lauren had the something borrowed, something blue, something old thing covered!  Her engagement band is a custom creation from Crown Jewelers in Rose Gold with two blue topaz gemstones, one on each side representing both of their birthdays.  How creative!

Following the ceremony, guests were welcomed to cocktail hour at the Holly Vault, a historic bank transformed into a new wedding venue from the beautiful Cari from Cash & Cari of HGTV fame.  The venue boasts period details, hard wood floors, ship lap white washed walls, with a slight industrial feel.   Fairy lights twinkled from the poles and rafters while bright orange pumpkins, gourds and greenery adorned each table keeping with the Fall theme.  Guests were asked to sign a unique guest book made from the old wood fence pickets and painted with a family tree.  Each person signed a fall color leaf and affixed it to the tree’s branches.  How unique and clever!

Kosch Catering served a wonderful meal and the couple chose a small cake for the traditional cake cutting and guests were treated to scrumptious sweets of cupcakes and personal cheesecakes from Cupcakes & Kisses.

The DJ  had the crowd on their feet and kept them dancing all night long.  For fun, glow bracelets, necklaces and led swords were handed out to guests to keep the party hopping.

Luckily we had a short break in the weather and took to Battle Alley for fun portraits with orange smoke bombs.  The rain held off for only 5 minutes, but the wedding party was up for the adventure, beside the rain looks awesome blowing through the lights in the images.

Lauren and Trevor are planning on Honeymooning in Frankenmuth, Michigan a historic German influenced Christmas themed town.  If you haven’t ever been there, you need to check it out!  Do not miss the chance to visit Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.  It’s all the Hallmark Movie channel movies rolled into one location.

Congratulations Lauren & Trevor!

I am so honored to be part of your Big Day and wish you a lifetime of adventure and happiness!


Ceremony Venue:  The Holly Vault Chapel

Reception Venue:  The Holly Vault

Officiant:  Ren Harder

DJ:  Mike Staff Productions

Caterer:  Kosch Catering

Cake and sweets:  Cupcakes & Kisses

Bride’s gown:  Madison James Collection

Bride’s Shoes:  Hotcakes

Groom’s Tux:  Calvin Klein

Grooms shirt & Tie:  Men’s Warehouse

Florals:  Bride’s mother Rachelle Hawk

Engagement Ring:  Crown Jeweler

Groom’s Band and wedding bands:  Fred Meyer Jeweler

Toasting Champagne:  Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque

Styling ribbon:  Hey, its oh so pretty

Wedding Invitation:  Minted

Custom Wood Guest Sign:  Michael Labadie

Hair & Makeup:  Stephanie from Mirror Mirror Salon

Smoke Bombs:  G.R.C.  Holi Powder

Ring Box:  Flowers & Bliss

































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XO  Sue

Noga + Steve Historic Ybor City Engagement Session Tampa, Florida

Historic Ybor is an eclectic mix of old and the new.

A place Modern Pop blends with the sounds of smooth Jazz.  Where every corner you turn is an assault on your senses as the perfumed air from the Cigar shops wafts along on the breeze, mixing with the spices from the Cuban cuisine making you salivate from all the deliciousness.   The spot old, brick lined streets weave between buildings as trolley cars glide to a stop picking up passengers while colorful chickens delight passersby as they run along the train tracks past vivid murals decorating alley ways and walls.

Yes, Ybor hums with activity, culture and fun.

When Noga and Steven were deciding where to take their engagement photos, they both knew they wanted something a bit different.  Something young.  Lively.  A bit edgy yet true to them.  We found just the place in Historic Ybor.

Steven wanted images taken with his awesome white Mustang convertible.  I scouted around and found just the place a top a parking garage with the Tampa skyline off in the distance.  We may or may not have been up there shooting away when a security guard came up and told us we had to leave.  Seeing we were taking engagement photos, he graciously turned his back and gave us 15 minutes while he wasn’t looking.  Thank goodness for kind hearted souls, because despite the harsh mid-day sun and 97 degree heat, I think the images turned out Awe-some!! (Cue the Ford Motor Company commercial.)

We all dream of finding our soul mate and our better half.  The missing part of our soul that is only fulfilled by another.  That famous Jerry Maguire line:  “You complete me”.  Well, Noga and Steven are “that” couple. 

They met in High School where they both were part of the Marching Band. After graduation, they both attended University of South Florida where their love of music continued on as they both played in the USF Herd of Thunder Marching Band and Steven was the Drum Major.   Steven graduated with his Degree in Engineering and is currently working in the Aerospace industry while he pursues his Masters.  Noga graduated with a degree in Public Relations and a Graduate degree in Law.  She is currently enrolled in Stetson University College of Law.  Talk about two absolutely ambitious and dedicated people.

Despite their absolutely crazy busy schedules Steven and Noga still make time for one another and love to spend time cooking meals, playing with their adorable 7 month old Golden Retriever pup Stella, or just quiet nights at home supporting one another in their studies.  They are also big Disney fans and love the TV show “How I met your mother”.   A cute story they shared with me is since they are big fans of the show they were always joking around about the Yellow umbrella (which is one of the symbolic items on How I Met Your Mother)  For Valentine’s Day last year, they both bought one another the same exact gift:  A yellow umbrella just like the one in the show.

When Steve decided to propose to Noga, he knew he wanted everything to be perfect.  He enlisted the help of one of their friends who agreed to stage a “photoshoot” with their new pup.    They proceeded to head to the location Noga had picked for the puppy photo session and to take their pictures,  When they were almost done, Noga turned to grab a treat out of her bag for the dog and Steven chose this moment to get down on one knee while her back was turned.  What a sweet proposal!  Just reading what he had wrote in my client questionnaire had me tearing up!

Seriously, all you have to do is spend a few moments in their presence to see how much in love they are.  They are the perfect compliment to one another and I had so much fun with them in Ybor.

Noga and Steve it was an honor to share in your engagement session and I cannot wait til your wedding next year!  Here’s to an amazing lifetime of adventure and love.








































I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Steven and Noga’s Engagement session.  Let me know if you love them as much as I do!

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The Benefit of Having a First Look

First look or Not?  How to decide if it’s for you.

It’s finally here.  Your wedding day.  The day you have dreamed of since childhood.  Or at least the last year while you have been busy planning all the wonderful little details.  The day when you will marry your best friend surrounded by family and friends.

Unfortunately, that is the part that tends to overwhelm couples.  Each moment you will be completely and utterly surrounded.  (Yes, by well wishers and loved ones each excited to congratulate and share in this wonderful experience) But what about some alone time?  A quiet moment for you to just breathe?

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of activity from the minute you wake, to your last kiss goodnight as a newly married couple.  It will be a roller coaster ride with a long list of to do’s, appointments, (I am talking hair and make-up) and trying your best to keep on track so you arrive on time.  (Yep, I have seen many bride’s late for their own wedding)

If you are a people person and thrive in that bubbly, sorority type environment of female bonding rituals, your adrenaline and spirits may rise like the temperature on a sticky Southern Florida summer day.  But, if you are the type of person who craves some alone time and those quiet minutes of solitude and self reflection, what are you going to do?

One of the most intimate moments you can have on your wedding day is a First Look.

What the heck is a First Look you say?  Well, simply put it is a quiet, private moment between you and your soon to be spouse prior to walking down the aisle.

Private time in a crowd

One major benefit of having a first look is this will be the ONLY time you and your spouse will be alone and away from all those adoring watchful eyes your entire wedding day.  It is the opportunity to express true, authentic, unchecked emotion.  To experience the awe and overwhelming adoration and love, one on one.   To have some private time amidst all the pomp and circumstance.  This is where you will see his or her reaction, to feel the moment, up close and personal.  To share quiet words of love.  Excitement.  And anticipation.

Opens up time for intimate couple’s portraits

Part of the craziness on a wedding day is trying to fit it all in.  You want to experience each and every moment without feeling stressed or rushed.  By opting for a First Look, you will gain valuable time later in the day.  Where traditionally, bridal portraits happen in the hour between the ceremony and the reception (During the guests cocktail hour). It is a mad rush to get all the images captured during that small amount of time. By participating in  first look, your photographer may then capture your images earlier in the day directly after this precious moment.  Most wedding photographer’s will stage the first look by selecting a private location, and have the Groom awaiting the arrival of the Bride.  The photographer will stand back at a distance and document this emotional meeting for you.  Once you are ready, the photographer will then move in and begin capturing couple’s portraits.

If you want to take part in your cocktail hour, have a large bridal party, have travel time from your ceremony to reception site, a first look may be for you because otherwise these are the times when bridal party portraits and family portraits normally take place.

The standard is an hour between the end of the ceremony to the couple’s Grand Entrance.  Most guests expect the “cocktail hour” to mingle and enjoy the Hors d’oeuvre’s.  Any longer than this and your guests will start to get bored and antsy, especially if you will NOT be serving refreshments and something to eat.  Face it, your guests will be hungry at this point and having Hors-D’oeuvre’s waiting for them will tide them over till the main course is served.

A First Look does not detract from the “moment”

You may be thinking no way, I do not want my fiancee to see me before I walk down the aisle.  Some tend to think having a first look will detract from the moment, where somehow it will not be as special or emotional.  After experiencing many wedding days, I find the opposite to be true.

The first look provides time to get emotional and take it all in.  When you are walking up the aisle or standing there watching your loved one approach, the emotions will still be there.  The anticipation and excitement.  I think of it as a sneak peek or little taste of what’s to come.

Many couples who participate in a first look write letters to one another and I will deliver them to the other right before the ceremony is about to start while they are waiting to line up.  Notes say:  Meet ya at the alter, See you in a few when we say I do, and other cute or meaningful sayings.

First Touch in place of a first look

If you are adamant you do not want a first look, there is also something called the first touch you may participate in.  This is where the couple stand on on opposite sides of a door, wall or other obstruction and reach their hands out to “touch” and exchange a few words before the ceremony.  Of course this is still emotional, but the benefits of having your couple’s portraits captured ahead of time is lost.

I hope this article has been helpful in your decision to have a first look.  For us photographers, we adore them!










Historic Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum Savannah Wedding

Oh, Savannah!  How I love thee.

Savannah is one of those places you can step back in time.  Where as soon as you close your car door the 21st Century fades away.  The literal stepping through Lewis’s wardrobe into Narnia.  Such is the allure of sultry Savannah.

If you listen closely you will hear the Siren call from the salty shores of the Atlantic beckoning sailors to sea as you stroll cobblestone roads lined with stately oaks dripping with moss.  Historic homes ranging from Cape Cods to the towering Federal Colonials with their blown glass panes stand side by side, surrounded by ornate iron gates and flickering lamp posts.

The sound of horses hooves clipping along mingle with the horns of passing cars and loudspeakers as a hearse ghost tour filled with tourists passes by.  Yes, this is Savannah.  The blending of old and the new.  Where dedication to preservation and romance is alive and sizzles through the air like electricity.

This is the place where visiting a haunted graveyard or sauntering through one of the many town squares is a normal date night.  You see this city has a heartbeat, pulsing with the souls of those long departed and of the living.  For lovers, young and old alike, it is a mecca of love.

 Adorn Collective Workshops selected the historic Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum as their host venue for their creative collaboration with local talent.  Their choice could not have been more perfect and true to southern life.

The Maritime Museum is located in the historic district and occupies the William Scarbrough House, a stately Early Republic built in 1818 by William Scarbrough the president of the Savannah Steamship Company.  This year marks the bicentennial of the Steamship Savannah’s historic Trans-Atlantic crossing.

Many vendors came together to create a fairytale garden wedding setting with its palette of white, sage green, and black.  Magnolias graced the arch ways and tables  filling the air with their sweet citrus-honey aroma.  Long dark, wooden trestle tables greeted guests with their beautiful crystal stemware and bone china amid the flickering glow of long ivory tapers seated in brass holders.

In a small private courtyard, a separate seating area welcomed those wishing a change of pace or a quiet moment to themselves.  An ivory period couch flanked by two arm chairs awaited those with bottles of bubbly and milk and cookies to snack upon.

The ceremony site faced the rear of the Scarbrough home with its elegant sweeping stone stairs and lined hedge rows.  White wooden chairs faced a beautiful arch adorned with lush greens, White Roses and Magnolias crated by the talented Moonlight Iris Floral based out of Charleston.

Angel wore a stunning ivory gown by BHLDN with intricate beaded bodice and sheer skirt.  Even the back of the gown was gorgeous with romantic detailing.  The Groom, the adorable Mr. G, wore a classic black tux with a period pocket watch and cuff links.

I hope you enjoy a sample of the images from this wonderful Savannah Wedding collaboration.  If you are looking for a historic venue that oozes charm and romance, stop into the Ships of the Seas Maritime Museum today!



Host: @adorncollectiveworkshops

Styling: @gandaweddings

Venue: @shipsofthesea

Floral Design: @moonlightiris_floral

Rentals: @eventworksrentals

Invitation: @kcreatives

Hair: @briannabadams

Makeup: @brookelancasterbeauty

Dress: @bhldn

Ring Box: @themrsbox

Vow Books: @weddingstorywritter

Bride/Model: @angelgrechanyyphoto

Suzanne Lytle Photography

Suzanne Lytle Photography

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