Welcome to my blog!  Hi there, I am Sue.

A Wedding and Portrait Photographer based out of Sarasota, Florida and Michigan.



Welcome to the Suzanne Lytle Photography blog page.  I am soooo happy to meet you.  My friends call me Sue, it’s much easier and less formal than Suzanne.

I am a single mom to 3 (now grown) amazing individuals, and I can honestly say, they are my greatest accomplishment.


10 things about me…………

  1.   I am a self proclaimed extrovert.  I love meeting new people, and will often strike up a conversation with strangers.  (My kids say I will even talk to the wall–yeah, I have done this.)
  2.   I love creating.  I sew, quilt, sculpt, paint, scrapbook–and go through phases where I bury myself in one medium until it bores me.
  3.  I hate being alone.  Since my youngest moved away to college, I am having a hard time adjusting to being “just me”.
  4. I love animals.  I just lost my best buddy, my golden Retriever Gus after 14 years.   I have 2 crazy cats still at home.
  5. I lived on a working farm in Michigan while I was in my 20’s.  Kudos to all the farmer’s and rancher’s out there.  Caring for livestock is harder than it seems.
  6. I always wanted to write a novel.
  7. I sang in show choir in high school and college.  My kids are percussionists, and you may hear anything from Jazz to rock blasting at my house.  Although 80’s rock still wins!
  8. I am afraid of heights.  Big time!  But, only if I am not in control.  I will climb a ladder, climb a mountain, but, you will NOT catch me on a Ferris wheel.  I am terrified of them.
  9. I am a survivor of domestic violence, and learned I am not to blame for some else’s bad behavior or actions.  This one took me many years to come to terms with.
  10. I do not drink coffee-I know, I never grew up!  Give me a Cherry Coke or Sweet tea any day!


I would love to meet up and chat!




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