Historic Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum Savannah Wedding

Oh, Savannah!  How I love thee. Savannah is one of those places you can step back in time.  Where as soon as you close your car door the 21st Century fades away.  The literal stepping through Lewis’s wardrobe into Narnia.  Such is the allure of sultry Savannah. If you listen closely you will hear theContinue reading “Historic Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum Savannah Wedding”

Photographer’s Checklist for Wedding Day Success

Make your list and check it twice Heading into a wedding can be stressful.  You are responsible for documenting each incredible moment with no do-overs. How can you prepare yourself to tackle a wedding day? It’s simple.  Make a check list of all the tasks you need to complete PRIOR to heading out the door. Continue reading “Photographer’s Checklist for Wedding Day Success”

Wedding Photography: Why the heck is it so darn expensive?

Why is wedding photography so darn expensive?
Honestly, the reason is simple.  Wedding photographer’s love what they do, and chose to serve their clients with their vision and art, providing priceless, lasting memories.