Clarkston Engagement Session Depot Park

June 25, 2023

Ashley and Adam

Downtown Clarkston. A small town in Southeastern Michigan filled with charm and history. Think cobblestone shops and turn of the century Victorian homes. This is where I met Ashley and Adam for their engagement session, right in the middle of town at the Historic Depot Park.

For the first time, in a long while, I was nervous going into this session. The forest fires in Canada were filling the Michigan skies with an eerie haze, and getting a peek at the sun was a scarcity. People were still out and about, but the news was posting air alerts and advising people to stay inside. Great.

We braved it, and I am so glad we did!

From the first moment I met these two, I knew we were going to have fun. Adam told me over and over how he despised taking pictures and how he NEVER takes a good photo. I assured him we would have a good time, and I would offer gentle instruction so he would ENJOY having his picture taken. I was really sweating here, as Adam is a co-worker of my son and I knew I would definitely hear about it if I did anything but deliver.

Fast forward a few moments into our time together, and these two were posing like pros! They both responded to anything I threw at them with ease, even conquered some advance poses! I have no doubt they are going to rock their wedding day photos.

The sun hid from us most of the evening but there was one moment where the skies parted and on cue a stream of sunlight shone down through the trees. Of course I got all excited and started my, Oh, my gosh don’t move–perfect-perfect banter!

I hope you enjoy a small peek into Ashley and Adam’s engagement session in Depot Park. Trust me when I say, I could have spend all afternoon photographing these two!

XO Sue

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